Cyber Security Related Movies

The increased reliance on technology has led to the rise of cyber security related movies. These films can help non-techies learn more about the world of information security.

One of the best cybersecurity movies is Ex Machina. This film features Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson. It was released in 2014 and it grossed $36 million worldwide.

Another cybersecurity movie is V for Vendetta. Cinematographer Adrian Biddle shot the film in Berlin, Potsdam and London. Also starring Stephen Fry and Hugo Wea, it was produced by Joel Silver.

In terms of cyber security related movies, WarGames: The dead Code is one of the most groundbreaking. Written by Graham Moore, it shows the vulnerability of robots to emotional manipulation.

A non-techie police officer gets mixed up in a violent hacker group. As the leader of the team, he tries to find the source of the attack.

Live Free or Die Hard is an action-packed movie that also teaches viewers about the risks of hacking. Bruce Willis returns to play NYPD detective John McClane who goes up against a group of hackers.

Hackers is a great choice for people interested in learning more about cyber security. Featuring a high level of description, it covers mass surveillance, hacking, and corporate extortion.

Cybersecurity is an important subject, and Hollywood has been fascinated with the topic for nearly half a century. Movies like these are a great way to take a break from your daily routine and learn more about how to protect your sensitive data.