Buying a property in St. Neots, how to work with estate agents to find your dream home

Finding your dream home and buying it, is a delightful prospect. Although this journey of owning your dream home can be a complicated one and requires an in-depth knowledge of the property market, your investment can be secure. 

You can always do everything on your own, but taking the guidance of an expert estate agent, will not only save you time but also money. You can take our experience of the market with our dedicated estate agents in St. Neots, and own a premium property with a quick and seamless process.

Let’s streamline the process of finding your ideal home with the help of an estate agent.

The Right Estate Agent

Your neighbourhood may have innumerable estate agents around, just taper down  the candidates using the:


An ingenious way to spot a good agent is by asking for referrals from friends and family. Recommendations are good for you as well as the agent. Previous clients’ reviews and testimonials are a great way to narrow down your choice for the right estate agent.


An agent’s listing will identify whether his/her expertise and experience match your requirements. For instance, if you require a duplex apartment, and the agent has listings for luxury homes in the suburbs will be a big misfit.

Qualifications and Experience 

Check for the credentials of the agent through his profile on LinkedIn, how long has he been in the business, does he have any market recognition, customer reviews etc.


You can check out freelance agents, by going to some good freelancing sites and searching for top estate agents in your area.

When you have shortlisted your agents, sit them down for an interview and hire the one that matches your expectations and requirements.


Before commencing on your journey towards your dream home, take a good look at your budget, what you can afford, including your savings, your monthly expenses, your mortgage eligibility etc. 

You would also have to take into account additional expenses like stamp duty, legal fees, and mortgage arrangement fees. After you arrive at your budget, convey it to your agent, so that he can taper down homes which are within your price range. 


Viewing several properties is the most essential process of buying a home. Make sure that the agent takes you for viewing properties that match your specifications and needs.  Do not view properties in haste, always take your time and look for structural sturdy, dampness etc. If there is any issue with the house, discuss it with your agent, and don’t be shy in asking questions, no query is a dumb one when it comes to buying a home.


Have a feedback session with your agent after viewing any property, this will enable him to understand your specific likes and dislikes and he can further fine-tune the list of properties he might have arranged for your viewing. Any concerns or doubts you may have after viewing, you can discuss with him & he can investigate the property to resolve your queries.

Open and Flexible mind

It is great to have clarity of thought and idea when searching for your ideal home, but it is equally important to have an open and flexible mind. You may have a list of preferences, make a note of the most essential elements- the non-negotiables, and then keep flexibility in your approach for the rest, and you may find some really good options that may land you the home you always dreamed of.


When you zero in on the property you want to buy, immediately make an offer through your agent, Sometimes you might have to compete with many potential buyers for the same property. Expediency and competitive offer prices can make you gain upper hand over your competitors. Your agent can be a mediator between you and the seller of the property, and he can help you negotiate, but be prepared to reach a compromise and seal the deal.


After your offer is accepted, you will have to hire a conveyancer who would do legal searches, cross-check the contract terms, transfer funds and much more. Your agent may help you in hiring, by referring a conveyancing lawyer, but it is advisable to do your own research as well.

Stay in touch

Once the deal is closed, do not lose touch with your agent. Keep constant communication with your agent, so that you are abreast with everything during the process, and can act quickly if required.

An estate agent can be a real asset to you in your quest for your dream home. Take stock of his competency and experience and work together with him to attain your desired goal – Your home.