BMW M8 Performance Parts

BMW M8 Performance Parts offer unique designs to customize the interior and exterior of the BMW M8. With the company’s racing expertise, M Performance accessories are crafted for maximum performance. These accessories also offer stylish finishes that help the vehicle to look even more sporty.

The M8 Competition features a twin-turbo V8 that’s tuned to 600 horsepower. It accelerates to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. For an aggressive look, it’s available with a carbon fiber rear diffuser. This replaces the standard rear bezel.

To further enhance the sporty appearance, the M8 Competition comes with a set of wheel bags. They feature a leather-style surround and a special pennant.

Also available is an M Performance engine cover. The premium racing-style eye-catcher looks great when the bonnet is open. When closed, the engine cover protects the engine, and the carbon fiber finish gives it a pronounced racing character.

M Performance offers brake pads that are designed to improve braking response and shorten braking distance. In addition, they’re derived from BMW Motorsport’s long-distance racing pads.

M Performance also offers floor mats. Designed for M8 owners, these are made of velvet velour and have a leather-style surround.

The M8 Competition also gets a new steering wheel cover. It has Alcantara and carbon fiber inserts. However, it lacks a button for the heated steering wheel.

Other exterior components include side decorative grilles and sill attachments. Developed for the M8, these components are handcrafted from carbon fibre, sealed for protection, and finished with a high-gloss polish.