Best Instagram Poetry Accounts To Follow!

Instagram is famous among youngsters because of a lot of reasons. People use this social media account to connect with their loved ones or to kill their free time.

Most people neglect the productive use of Instagram and believe that it is a waste of time. But in reality, this platform can be the best place to get inspiration.

There are a lot of amazing accounts which can help you get motivated for your life and career.

Some inspirational Instagram poetry accounts help poets in beating their writer’s block and lets them enjoy some amazing pieces of poetry.

If you want to read a bulk of poetry, you can either refer to this page or can go to any Instagram poetry account.

Which are these accounts?

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1.  Rupi Kaur:

If you are a true lover of poetry, you must know about the “Milk and Honey” poetry book and its author Rupi Kaur.

On her Instagram account, you will find different poetry verses on different themes along with illustrations.

You can also find her Linktree account link in her Instagram bio from where you can buy her poetry books.

2.  Ruby Francisco:

If you want to read poems related to toxic masculinity, love, mental issues, and racism, you should follow the Instagram account of Rubi Francisco.

He is a famous poet who has performed his poems live in different contests around the US. He has also written different poetry books.

On his Instagram account, he shared some of his poems, news about his live performances, and information about his new books.

3.  Andrea Gibson:

Andrea Gibson writes about matters of heart, LGBTQ+, and mental health. They have written various poetry books too on similar topics.

On their social media account, you will get pieces of their published poems and videos in which they are either reciting their poems or discussing any mental or social issue with their audience.

If you want to buy their books, you will find the link in their Instagram bio.

4.  Kate Baer:

She is a best-selling New York Times author of three books “What Kind of Woman”, “And Yet”, and “I Hope This Finds You Well”.

On her Instagram account, she shares pictures of her poetry along with news related to her poetry career.

She writes about feminism and motherhood. So, if you are a lover of these themes, do follow her.

5.  Amanda Gorman:

She is an American poet whose poetry focuses on feminism, race, marginalization, oppression, and the African diaspora.

She published a lot of her poetry books which became best-sellers and are acknowledged worldwide.

On her Instagram account, she shared news about her poetry books and shared her opinion about different social issues.

6.  Atticus Poetry:

If you are a fan of fantasy-based poetry, this page is for you. He has written many amazing poems on castles, dragons, and other fantasy-based elements  newsintv.


On his Instagram account, you will find posts containing his amazing poetry and how people are showering their love on his writings.

7.  R.M. Drake: 

He has written different poetry books which became New York best-sellers.

On his Instagram account, you will find posts in which he has shared different quotes and poetry lines inked by him.

He is the most celebrated Instagram star so you should also go through his Instagram profile.

8.  Poetry Foundation:

If you are into the poetry world, you must be familiar with the famous poetry website “Poetry Foundation”.

This website also has a strong presence on Instagram where they share popular works of different poets.

So, you can have diverse voices, themes, and forms of poetry on your Instagram feed by following this account.

9.  Button Poetry:

This Instagram account is famous for providing performances, spoken poetry words, and slam poetry to their audience.

If you want to listen to poetry, do follow this Instagram account. They share reels of different performances and spoken words to satisfy the ears of poetry lovers.

10.  Wilder Poetry:

Wilder has become famous after publishing two best-selling poetry books.

If you are a lover of nature, you should follow her Instagram account. Her feed has a stunning nature theme which enhances the reading experience of her readers.

You can find a beautiful nature-based feed and poetry lines on her page.

Wrap Up:

These are ten famous Instagram poetry accounts that can satisfy your poetry cravings while scrolling your Instagram feed.

These pages will help you in developing meaningful relationships with different poets and poetry lovers on social media.

You may have noticed that different types and themes of poetry are present on different Instagram pages.

So, if you follow all of these pages, you can accustom yourself to diverse forms of literature.